First, you need to invite the bot to your server.

Once the bot is in your server, someone with the "Manage Server" permission (usually the owner) must run the "ssbu.register" command.

Example 1: Registering SSBUBot to the #smash-info channel
Type "ssbu.register #smash-info en-US" in any channel.
Note: You can replace #smash-info with any channel!

Example 2: Only typing ssbu.register in the channel you want to register
In the #smash-info channel, type "ssbu.register en-US".
Note: You can send this command in the channel you want to register without specifying the channel in the command.

This command will tell SSBUBot to send Smash notifications to the #smash-info channel in American English. For other languages, see the list below.

Once registration is complete, the bot is now ready to use. For a list of commands, run the "" command.

If you need help with SSBUBot, please join our Discord server and ping either @OatmealDome or @Simonx22. We will respond when available. We also have a troubleshooting section below for common problems.

Language Code
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The bot doesn't do anything and doesn't reply to
SSBUBot doesn't have permission to send messages in your server. Please ensure that you give SSBUBot permission to send messages, read messages, manage messages, embed links, attach files, add reactions and use external emojis. Also please make sure that SSBUBot has permission to send messages in the specific channel.

The bot only sends messages like [News] and [Event] without any content.
SSBUBot doesn't have permission to embed links. Please make sure that you set this permission for the specific channel.

My problem isn't listed here / I still have problems.
Please either join our Discord server and ask for help, contact us per E-Mail or send a DM to SSBUBot on Twitter so we can help you.


Do you have any feedback or general suggestions? Feel free to tell us, we like to hear from you! You can submit suggestions or feedback either by sending a message in our Discord server, by sending an E-Mail or by sending a DM on Twitter.

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